Friday, January 30, 2009

Don't Call Me Dale

Whenever I'm out in public, at least 6 people come up to me and tell me I look like Dale Earnhardt Jr. One time on a cruise I was making my way to the casino when I was accosted by this elderly southern couple. They were convinced I was really Dale Jr. and insisted that I sign their shirts and take a picture with them. I had no idea how to spell Earnhardt, so i just scribbled Dale and put a little star next to it. Idiots.

One time at a Sox game the lady sitting behind us tapped me on the shoulder and said "You know, you look at lot like Kevin Federline". I said "Thank you." She followed that up with, "oh honey, that's not a compliment", and she laughed and laughed.

Fuck my life.

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  1. hahaha pretty legit photos brettly -shell* ps i know when ur exaggerating your stories...the fam askin for ur autograph was actually a canadian dude we had dinner w everynight you silly faggot


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