Friday, March 6, 2009

SBINE "Beers at Lyle's"

The SBINE crew for now consists of Rizzle and myself, since UMaine is apparently the only school in the country that's off this week. Wednesday we met up with our old pal Lyle to watch some TV and have a few beers. The thing about Lyle is that what most men aspire to have by age 30, Lyle is on the brink of attaining at 22. He's got a college degree, works full time, he's engaged, and he's put in an offer on a house.

He's really got his shit together, which is why I didn't mind when he wanted to pack it in early on Wednesday. Rizzle wasn't feelin it either, so he went home.

So I went to Tom's Tavern by myself for a few beers. I played a couple games of KENO and bought some scratch tickets too, which I obviously lost because I never fucking win anything.

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