Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Convo with Ben

bigboysdutchrudder: got a new job today
bigboysdutchrudder: im not on the marketing team for gixxernation
Goldenarm009: your not?
bigboysdutchrudder: yeah
Goldenarm009: i don't understand
Goldenarm009: so wheres ur job if its not at gixxer
bigboysdutchrudder: it is at gixxer
Goldenarm009: u said its not
bigboysdutchrudder: i accidently put not in that sentence
Goldenarm009: im not going to kill you


  1. i appreciate the changing of my screenname......the last thing i need is to have all these people that want more of me IMing me constantly

  2. bigmudrunner people please harass this kid to death.

  3. you couldn't have butchered his actual screen name more if you tried


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