Thursday, October 29, 2009

Greg's Friend of the Day Award

Yesterday, a friend I have not talked to since high school awarded me the honor of Friend of the Day. I was not prepared for this and unfortunately I had to improv my acceptance speech.

And I thought I'd never win anything.


  1. you did win Offensive MVP in 06 right?

  2. Yeah moose but that was on a technicality. Technically all of the other offenses in our league sucked worse ass than ours did, and to be quite frank, he basically just won league's least shitty QB of the year. Congrats Brett.

  3. you also won best eyes!!! in fact you win a lot of things asshole so you've had some practice with speeches. well played though. you sound like that spider guy i forget his name...thorpe or something. goin on random tangents about how him and his friend r gonna dress for his neighbors bday party lmfao c u at xmas


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