Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Master Cleanse Day 2

Starting Weight: 211
Weight: 209.5

Mind over meal. Mind over meal.

The reality of what I just did is starting to set in and my dark side is trying all of these rationalizing techniques to try and thwart my mission.

"Did you really think you can not eat for a whole weak? Just eat a little bit here and there, no one has to know. It'll be our secret. Go on, take a little bite of pasta..."

"Fuck off basic human instincts", I say. It's a wicked mental game you play with yourself. Every instinct in your body is saying "eat that pizza ", and you have to tell it to screw. It's like standing up to a bully. A delicious, pepperoni bully.

I like to consider myself a sort of superhero if you will, fighting against food in a world where Gluttony and Sloth are not only sins, but hip, trendy baby names.

But still, Day 2 is in the books and I've been completely food free.

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