Sunday, February 8, 2009

Master Cleanse Day 5, 6

Starting Weight: 211
Weight: 205

Day 5 was pretty hard. I woke up at 3pm and didn't even bother to take my drink. I didn't consume any calories at all and i felt pretty horrible but it's my own damn fault.

Tonight is the end of Day 6 and I am very excited to get this fucking thing over with. One day to go, and not a single morsel of solid food has graced my mouth. All I can do is sit here and watch Pregnant for 46 Years on the freakishly awesome TLC network, and pray that I survive through Day 7.

Also, I was watching the Grammy's tonight (gay I know) and my favorite band of all-time blink-182 announced they were getting back together. Fucking right. Mark said on his blog they will be coming out with a new album this summer so if that's not enough motivation to not die of starvation then nothing is.


  1. Good Luck With Whatever You do and Yeah!!! Blink 182 is back!!! Nothing better tht ths!!! WaO!!! Blink rules!!!

  2. hahahahahahah im so glad you didn't die of starvation...apparently you didnt mind dying of starvation in the first place? was that your plan all along, just trying to do it in a funny manner and go out as a legend or somethin? i knew whats-his-face was always your hero.. u sick twisted bastard. ly anyway i guess. glad u made it thru and gave us lil..i mean big..ppl hope. lmao


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